Geoffrey Rowlandson was born in the year 1931 into a family of designers of both fashion and jewellery. He started the Rowlandson company to concentrate on handmade classic jewellery, but twenty years ago began to compile the Rowlandsons Collection to include innovative and unique works of art within jewellery. His talents were recognised by the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, winning him ‘Jewellery Designer of the Year’ twice, 1998-9 and 2002-3, as well as numerous commended awards including ‘The Royal Christening’ in 2014. The Victoria & Albert Museum also recognised his unique take on jewellery by displaying three of his designs, including 'Grand Jeté', a signature piece, in their fabulous Pearl Exhibition in 2013/2014. He continues to create these signed pieces with amazing originality, attention to detail, and love of his craft. His individual engagement rings are designed to highlight the character of the wearer, “I like the ring to be unique and a symbol of the commitment of love”. Clients seen by appointment only. Recent Exhibition, Awards and Auctions 2008 - Royal Academy, London 2011 - Wisley, Surrey, UK 2013/14 - Victoria & Albert Museum 2014 - Goldsmith Hall, London. Design commendation. 2014 - Sotheby's New York 2015 - Sotheby's New York & London